Frank-N-Furter (a mad scientist)
-Played By Tim Curry
-Born 19th of April, 1946

 Brad Majors (a hero)
-Played By Barry Bostwick
-Born 24th of Febuary, 1945


 Janet Weiss (a heroine)
-Played By Susan Sarandon
-Born 4th of October 1946

 Rocky (a creation)
-Palyed By Peter Hinwood
- (voice dubbed by Trevor White)


 Eddie (ex-delivery boy)
-Played By Meat Loaf 
-Born 27th of September 1947


The Criminologist  (an expert)
-Played By Charles Gray
-Born 29th of August 1928
-Died 7th of March 2000


 Riff Raff (a Handyman)
-Played By Richard O'Brien
-Born 25th of March 1942
-Creator Of The Rocky Horror Show


 Magenta (a domestic)

  -Palyed By Patricia Quinn (Lady  Patricia Stevens)
  -Born 28th of May 1944


 Columbia (a groupie)
-Played By Little Nell (a.k.a Nell Campbell)
-Born 24th of May 1953


Dr Everett V. Scott
-Played By Jonathan Adams
-Born 14th of Febuary 1931
-Died 13th of June 2005
- he was the orriginal narrator in the 1973 Rocky Horror Show


 Betty Munroe/Hapschatt
-Played By Hillary Labow

Ralph Hapschatt
-Played By Jeremy Newson