This Page is for all of you people, who have not seen this amazing Cult Film- The Rocky Horror Picture Show, For all of those people who DO NOT KNOW how to do the TIME-WARP.

Now, some of my friends judge this movie by its cover. They see a transvestite, react badly and bag the hell out of it.

DO NOT judge rocky horror. It is an AMAZING film. Just watch it. I dare you. and that doesn't mean watch half! watch the 100 minutes!

A Denton pair named Brad and Janet

Pledge to each other while with pure friends.

They leave to tell the man who began it,

But find a castle they can’t comprehend.


A servant, Riff-Raff greets them at the door,

And invites them to ‘come inside’ the house.

Then sings with Magenta, Whom he adores,

The Groupie joins, with the pitch of a mouse.


Frank N. Furter shows them his obsession

Kills Eddie, Columbia’s one soul mate

And teaches Brad and Janet a lesson

Performs a floorshow which attracts the hate.

Riff-Raff and Magenta, strangely amused;

They leave Brad and Janet deeply confused.

We had to make a sonnet at school, because we were studying Romeo and Juliet, so i decided to do mine on rocky, and thought i'd post it here too. please, don't steal it. it took me an hour and a half...

[and yes, i know i left out some of the plot, but all of it wouldn't fit!!!


1. Its just a jump to the left (Legs together. beginning with your arms up, and then shake them down below your waist as you land)

2. And then a step to the Right  (move your right leg 3 times as if you are taking a step. and then leave your legs apart)

3. Put your hands on your hips (slightly circle your arms backwards landing them on your hips)

4. Bring your knees in tight 

5. The Pelvic Thrust. (5 times)

6. Hipswivel (swivel your hips around once)

7. Improvise! i've been taught like this: right arm up, left arm up, right hand on left hip, left hip on right hip, and then hip-swivel.




Now that Richard O'Brien has given you some help, do you think you can do it?

Have fun!