Magenta, Played by Patricia Quinn, Works as a domestic for Dr Frank N. Furter. She doesnt say much, as we can notice from her accent, she is german. Magenta & Riff Raff have an incestuous relationship, we realize that Riff Raff is not a very good handyman, And magenta is not a very good domestic. They envy Frank N. Furter, but at the end they both succeed and get their way.


Columbia is a groupie. She Helps Frank & The rest of the gang. She was the Lover of Eddie and Proclaimed lover Of Frank N Furter. She has a high pitched Australian  Accent. Columbia Shares a room with Magenta. After she realizes shes eating Eddie She runs out of the room and wails loudly. At the end she ends up being killed by Riff Raff.


Dr Frank N. Furters Creation. He doesnt speak throughout the movie, he only sings. He has 'Blonde Hair & a Tan'. Janet and Rocky sleep together, which makes Frank Terribly angry. He takes no notice when he is told that he is eating eddie. In the end he gets killed by Riff Raff while trying to save Frank N. Furter.

Dr Everett V. Scott

Doctor Scott is The Ex- Tutor and now friend of Janet and Brad. He is also the Rival Scientist of Frank N. Furter. He unexpectedly arrives at Franks Castle to Find His Nephew, Eddie. In the end He escapes with Janet and Brad, he is left lying on the dirt in fishnet stockings, covered in dust.


Eddie is The Transylvannian's Ex - Delivery Boy. Frank N Furter splits Eddies Brain and uses half for Rocky. He loved Columbia. He gets murdered by Frank N. Furter and they eat him afterwards.

The Criminologist

Played By Charles Gray, He is the narrator of the movie

Ralph & Betty

Friends of Brad & Janet that get married at the start of the movie


Basically, they are 'Frankie Fans' From Transexual Transylvannia that attend The Transylvannian Convention at Franks Castle

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