Shock Treatment is the less successful follow up to RHPS.

Janet and Brad become contestansts on a game show, managed by Brads twin Farley, who wants Janet for himself. Janet is convinced to forget about Brad, and Brad is kept in a terminal ward. In the end they all realise what  is going on and Farley loses Janet.

© Lisa Waters

Directed By Jim Sharman, written by Richard O'brien and Jim Sharman.


Janet Majors - Jessica Harper, Brad Majors & Farley Flavors - Cliff De Young, Cosmo McKinley - Richard O'brien , Nation McKinley - Patricia Quinn, Nurse Ansalong - Nell Campbell , Judge Oliver Wright - Charles Gray,  'Rest Home' Ricky - Rik Mayall, Betty Hapschatt - Ruby Wax, Ralph Hapschatt - Jeremy Newson, Bert Schnick - Barry Humphries, Emily Weiss - Darlene Johnson, Harry Weiss - Manning Redwood , Macy Struthers - Wendy Raeback


 Shock Teatment Trailer - 1981
'Once upon a time, there lived a real fast guy. His life was fast. His friends were fast. Heh - even his food was fast. But he was still not satisfied. He wanted to share his fast philosophy with someone else, a beautiful girl. Trouble was, she was in the arms of... another man. '