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You Have Entered My Rocky Horror Picture Show Website. Guarenteed To "Thrill You, Chill You And Fufill You". So "Give Yourself Over To Absolute Pleasure", Because This Is My Favourite Obsession !



Frank-N-Furter (a mad scientist)
-Played By Tim Curry
-Born 19th of April, 1946

 Brad Majors (a hero)
-Played By Barry Bostwick
-Born 24th of Febuary, 1945


 Janet Weiss (a heroine)
-Played By Susan Sarandon
-Born 4th of October 1946

 Rocky (a creation)
-Palyed By Peter Hinwood
- (voice dubbed by Trevor White)


 Eddie (ex-delivery boy)
-Played By Meat Loaf 
-Born 27th of September 1947


The Criminologist  (an expert)
-Played By Charles Gray
-Born 29th of August 1928
-Died 7th of March 2000


Riff Raff (a Handyman)
-Played By Richard O'Brien
-Born 25th of March 1942
-Creator Of The Rocky Horror Show


 Magenta (a domestic)

  -Palyed By Patricia Quinn (Lady Patricia Stevens)
  -Born 28th of May 1944


 Columbia (a groupie)
-Played By Little Nell (a.k.a Nell Campbell)
-Born 24th of May 1953

Dr Everett V. Scott
-Played By Jonathan Adams
-Born 14th of Febuary 1931
-Died 13th of June 2005
- he was the orriginal narrator in the 1973 Rocky Horror Show


 Betty Munroe/Hapschatt
-Played By Hillary Labow

Ralph Hapschatt
-Played By Jeremy Newson




I Do not own anything posted on this website, May all photos, pictures, videos, documents etc. remain the property of its respevtful owners!

By Posting These There Is NO Copywright Violation Meant! 

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